With the newly developed Gamma fine roller mill, HÄNDLE is providing its customers with an innovative system for grinding down to a minimum roller gap of 1 mm.

Defining characteristics
One­piece roller seat of robust, welded construction
Same provenly reliable roller sizes as in the Beta fine roller mill
Split bearing housing on fixed and adjustable rollers
Easy mechanical adjustment of the roller gap
Mechanical roller preload via laminated disks springs
Integrated roller turning machine system
Integrated swiveling chip collector
Fast, uncomplicated operation
The HÄNDLE Gamma series

HÄNDLE has a range of concepts for fine grinding. The Beta and Alpha II series of fine roller mills have been joined by the brand­new Gamma fine roller mill now.
The Gamma fine roller mill was specially designed and engineered to meet the following requirements: grinding of raw materials down to a minimum roller gap of 1 mm, simple­functioning and easy­to­operate, high availability. In designing the Gamma roller mill, HÄNDLE combined proven systems of Alpha II and Beta fine roller mills. The result is an economical and well­functioning hinge­type fine roller mill. The development of the new Gamma roller mill includes a new, modular roller turning machine concept. Available for the present in one size for volumetric throughputs up to approx. 50 m³/h (85 t/h wet) with a roller gap of 1.0 mm.

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