Optimal primary size reduction of soft and hard, moist and dry clods of clay with or without rocks exhibiting Mohs’ hardness levels up to 6.

Defining characteristics
Infinitely adjustable roller clearance, for roller gaps bet-ween approx. 5 and 100 mm
Made-to-measure, wear-optimized knife disks and knife configurations
Infinitely adjustable drives
Overload protection via modern conical spur gears
(type series WMM) and reverse mode (type series WMH)

Low maintenance requirement and little wear thanks to for example large-dimensioned shafts running in high-performance self-aligning roller bearings
Several options for optimally customer-specific solutions
The HÄNDLE roller crusher series

Roller crushers render cloddy raw materials meterable and pre-pare them for effective further processing in downstream equip-ment. Size reduction is achieved by application of pressure and shear forces between two slowly rotating rollers equipped with one-piece toothed disks or individually replaceable knives. HÄNDLE makes two basic types of roller crushers: the WMH with hydraulic drive and the WMM with mechanical drive. The WMM models have advanced drives with modern conical spur gears and flanged-on motors.
For raw materials containing substantial amounts of hard rock inclusions, reverse mode is recommended, and hydraulic crus-hers are particularly good at that. The size of the crusher de-pends on the throughput and on the nature of the mill feed. Each crusher comes mounted on a base frame for easy installation.Walzenbrecher machen grobschollige Rohstoffe dosierfähig und konfektionieren sie für eine effektive Weiterverarbeitung in den nachfolgenden Aufbereitungsmaschinen.

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