Pan mills are classic machines operating on the principle of multiple-stage comminution. Their universality and flexibility in the preparation
of plastic ceramic bodies is unparalleled.

Defining characteristics
Adjustable center drives save energy, minimize wear and optimize the result of size reduction
High throughput rates and degrees of comminution thanks to large effective grinding track areas
Optimal, material-specific size reduction and blending thanks to made-to-measure perforations and grid-plate configurations
Self-supporting, two-piece pan beds for quick and easy installation and accommodation of supporting substructures of either steel or concrete
Optimized material discharge systems ensure extraction free from lumps
Easily removable runners and grid plates
Diverse auxiliaries all optimally tailored to the customer's needs
The Händle Duo and Quadro series

«Duo» for crushing, homogenizing and moistening of soft to hard raw materials. As the mill feed enters the pan mill via a central, co-rotating chute, the heavy inner runners spread it continuously out over the inner, unperforated grinding track. The scrapers then spiral the uniformly crushed stock out onto the outer, perforated track, where it is postcomminuted and pushed down through the perforated grid plates.
Instead of two runners with different weights, the «Quadro» has four runners of equal weight, with two runners each rolling on the same grinding track. An internal breeches chute uniformly distributes the flow of feedstock ahead of the runners on the inner, unperforated grinding track. Since all four runners have the same weight, the centrifugal forces acting on each opposite pair of runners are in balance. That gives the Quadro very smooth running behaviour. The Quadro’s throughput capacity is roughly 1.8 times that of a pan mill with two runners.

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