Highly efficient combination of preparation and feeding machine:
Ceramic processing without HÄNDLE’s circular screen feeders would be hard to imagine.

Defining characteristics:
High throughput capacities coupled with low energy consumption thanks to optimized angle of incidence between screen and scraper
Future-oriented drive mechanism for demanding criteria
Collecting pan driven by a separate back-geared motor - yielding the following resultant advantages: smooth running, clean stripping, a long service life and low maintenance expenditures
Swing-out type screen plates and screen supports as standard equipment for easy maintenance and cleaning
Diverse options including a collecting pan enclosure that keeps the material from drying out in the outlet area of the screens and collecting pan
The HÄNDLE circular screen feeder series

HÄNDLE offers circular screen feeders – also known as clay shredders – of various design for different throughput rates and applications: circular screen feeders for low throughputs and for precise proportioning of feed for use in shaping wall, floor and roof tiles, whiteware and technical ceramics. Circular screen feeders with medium throughput capacities for homogenizing, buffering and proportioning in the brick & tile, stoneware (i.e., vitrified clayware) and refractory industries and circular screen feeders designed for mixing, proportioning, homogenizing and buffering functions throughout the ceramic industry, particularly in the brick & tile sector as singularly robust units. All three basic models are characterized by the following typical design features, the sum of which demonstrates the superiority of circular screen feeders by HÄNDLE. Their special features include a screen casing fitted with screen plates bolted onto appropriate supports around the entire circumference of the trough, through which twin scrapers continuously scrape the clay at rates dependent on their speed of rotation.

Increased efficiency means sustainable cost reduction
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