HÄNDLE invented the box feeder in 1906, and has been optimizing it ever since. HÄNDLE-built box feeders can be found globally throughout various industries for feeding, proportioning, buffering and storing unprocessed raw materials, prepared bodies, additives and waste materials.

Defining characteristics
Maximum density and high material discharge rates thanks to specially designed metal-slat belts
Reliable discharge, even of poorly flowing raw materials and bodies thanks to wide-front boxes
Uniform material flow thanks to paddle blades and infinitely adjustable belt drives
Various types of paddle blades for materials with different requirements
Reliable box seal and pretensioned, hinged belt scraper
Smooth, service-reduced operation thanks to automatic lubrication unit
The HÄNDLE box feeder series

The better a given box feeder has been attuned and accommodated to a particular material and its particular properties, i.e., feed size, moisture content, bulk density and consistency, as well to the requirements of the downstream equipment, the better it can do its job. In order to best fulfill the resultant diversity of criteria, HÄNDLE has designed four different type series.
Standard-type BKN box feeders for unprocessed raw materials and prepared bodies; heavy-duty type BKSS box fee-ders for particularly coarse, cloddy and otherwise problematic raw materials; rubber-belt box feeders for normal and heavy duty, especially for trickling and free-flowing bulk material. With a HÄNDLE box feeder, you enjoy the benefits of our experience in the design, development and implementation of numerous systems for as many different terms of reference, in the course of which a plethora of special-purpose machine components have evolved, proven them-sel-ves in practical application, and now lend themselves to indivi-dual integration into new systems.

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