Ensures absolutely fast and efficient changing process on dies for the brickmaking industry.

The MSW offers the following key advantages
Pure changeover time is reduced to less than 2 minutes
Due to hydraulic feed system, time-consuming clay removal is no longer necessary
Easy changeover drastically reduces workload
No manual adjustment for the die is needed
Only one operator is required for the changeover process
Easier handling for 2-exit dies
The optimal adjustment of the column flow is easier, therefore better and consistent product quality can be achieved
User friendly and low maintenance
MSW - Quick Change Die Loading System

The MSW is a self-powered hydraulic unit for pressure heads to enable quick changeover times from one die to another. The key advantage is time efficiency as this system eliminates the need to clean all material out of the pressure head before changing the die. This process normally takes up to 30 minutes and multiple people. Using the MSW, plants can reduce this process to a couple of minutes and one person. The MSW is a universal system and ZMB BRAUN can ensure any pressure heads they deliver will work seamlessly with this machine to ensure maximum efficiency. The changing process occurs using hydraulic cylinders, and through a hydraulic cotter clamping element the die is fixed with the pressure head. The MSW has a switch and control unit, which is separately arranged and connected with the pressure head with hydraulic pipes. Braun additionally offers to rebuild your existing pressure head to the MSW or deliver pressure heads already designed to upgrade your pressure head at a later stage.

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