CLEAN-TEC Extrusion die cleaning machine
Trend-setting technology for the cleaning of dies for the ceramic industry

Key features
High efficient customized cleaning
Environmentally friendly only with water without chemical additives
Modular construction
Individually adjustable for optimum cleaning effect
Time and energy saving
Special high-pressure nozzles for pressures up to 230 bar (optional 300 bar)
Economical: cleaning in approx. 30 minutes
Easy to use and robust
CLEAN-TEC Extrusion die cleaning machine

In order to effectively and economically clean the even more filigree extrusion dies, the companies HÄNDLE and ZMB BRAUN have developed a special extrusion die cleaning machine. The advantages are due primarily in its economical and ecological mode of operation. Time and energy saving cleaning is guaranteed by standard programs as well as individually adjustable nozzles. The high-pressure nozzles are specially designed for cleaning various types of clay, resulting in minimized water usage and shorter cleaning cycles. The die’s are cleaned using only water without use of additional chemicals, meaning the CLEAN-TEC is not only efficient but also an environmentally friendly choice. The cleaning time will be approx. 30 minutes depending on format of the die and materials. Further advantages are the robust construction, easy operation with top loading and the modular design with standard parts and drives.

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