Supporting projects and providing services in the house of HÄNDLE for more than 70 years now.

The HÄNDLE Laboratory

We work out body- and process-specific solutions for our customers in our own laboratory. For more than 70 years now, the HÄNDLE laboratory has enjoyed an especially good reputation for near-practice research.
The experience drawn from that work provides the know-how we need for on-target planning and implementation of new production facilities and for ensuring the optimal operation of existing plant and equipment. Our test spectrum covers a wide range of ceramic products and special products. Over the past few years, we have developed special tests for simulating the work of preparation and extrusion machines on a laboratory scale. These tests enable reliable implementation of the laboratory results into practice and thus process-optimized and energy-efficient manufacturing processes for our customers.

Together with ZMB BRAUN, we develop optimized laboratory dies for our extrusion tests. The resultant knowledge is incorporated into the individual configuration of the production machines.

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The essential services
Testing of raw materials and bodies suitable for processing in HÄNDLE-built machines, e.g., for preparation and extrusion of heavy clay bodies, crushing of raw minerals, pelletizing of diverse raw / waste materials
Testing of new processes and products in the fields of building ceramics, cement extrusion, environmental technology, recycling and raw material refinement
Rheological characterization of extrusion compounds by means of laboratory measuring extruder and selected dies » the individual configuration of the production extruder is based on the measuring data and the performance data of the customer
Semi-industrial mixing, extruding and drying tests at the pilot plant
Analysis of raw materials and production bodies, e.g., determination of moisture content and plasticity by various methods, screen analysis and particle-size analysis as well as strength measurements on test bodies
Commissioning and training on HÄNDLE laboratory machines in our laboratory or on site at the customer's premises

We consider basic raw material and extrusion tests to be an indispensable basis for successful projects.

The HÄNDLE application laboratory - Insight view
Becoming a climate pioneer #1 with the HÄNDLE Innovation Pilot Plant
At HÄNDLE it's not just the clay that makes the music

Precisely played notes determine the quality of a symphony orchestra’s performance.
Precise raw material and extrusion tests create the prerequisite for the targeted realisation of future-oriented production plants as well as high-quality and sustainable end products.
So that the music can play where you want to hear it in the future, we realized a mobile and modular preparation and shaping plant – the HÄNDLE Innovation Pilot Plant IP².
This is because the various residual materials from the production processes must be recycled where they are produced and then made available again on site as high-quality raw materials. This has a positive effect on the CO2 footprint of our customers. Learn more

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