Circular silos by HÄNDLE are unsurpassed in storing and proportioning of raw materials – including sticky, wet, and abrasive bulk materials – according to the
“first in – first out” principle and coupled with little space requirement.

Defining characteristics
Little space requirement
"First in – first out" storage principle
Combined mixing and homogenizing, aging, storage and proportioning of material for retrieval
Uniform material moisture » no drying out by loss of surface moisture
Complete discharge, even of bulk material with poor flow properties
Modular design
Selective plasticity enhancement
The HÄNDLE circular silo series

A circular silo is the only piece of equipment that enables a supply of absolutely homo-geneous, uniformly moist body for giving shape to green products with low stress and texture levels. The unique souring and homogenizing effects of circular silos are relatable to the “first in – first out” principle in combination with hermetically sealed storage and the raw material’s own weight pressure. Circular silos are avail-able with standard storage capacities up to 500 m³ and discharge capacities ranging from 8 m³/h to 50 m³/h (depending on the velocity of flow and the material composition).
The discharging auger rotates around the tower axis of the silo. The material outflow takes place via a central outlet chute from which material can be drawn off in any arbitrary direction.
HÄNDLE’s discharging mechanism, though, is designed to reliably prevent bridging and guarantee smooth discharging of slow-flowing material.

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