Becoming a climate pioneer with the HÄNDLE Innovation Pilot Plant
At HÄNDLE, it's not just the clay that makes the music

Precisely played notes determine the quality of a symphony orchestra’s performance. In the same way, precise raw material and extrusion tests determine the quality of innovative production plants and their high-quality, sustainable products.

To ensure that music can play where you want to hear it, we realized a mobile and modular preparation and shaping plant — the HÄNDLE Innovation Pilot Plant IP².
This mobility is critical, because residual materials from production processes should be recycled where produced, for use as high-quality raw materials. This has a positive effect on the carbon footprint of our customers.

A perfect symphony of sustainable innovation and efficient performance

The perfect interaction of all “instruments” is as important for manufacturing processes as it is for a symphony orchestra. Like a skilled conductor, we keep an eye on the entire process, shaping its composition and tempo with state-of-the-art machine technology. We change its configuration and instrumentation for a symphony of sustainable innovation and efficient performance.

Extrusion technology for pelletizing biochar is in the spotlight for the first use of our modular pilot plant (it plays the first solo, so to speak). What can we play for you?

Our know-how is the basis for innovative solutions

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Hans-Jörg Walter
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Jan Böhringer
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Also discover the benefits of byproduct recycling with stiff extrusion from J.C. STEELE & Sons.

With HÄNDLE, you know the results will be music to your ears
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