The original double-shaft screen mixer was engineered with stone elimination in mind, but then it turned out to be a very successful multifunctional system for mixing, moistening, steam-heating, kneading, homogenizing, shredding and separating.

Defining characteristics
Large discharge area onto the screen thanks to the overhung-mixer-shaft design principl
Thorough homogenization and activation of the body in the generously sized pressure zone
Quick cleaning respectively replacement of screens
Optimal modification of function and material characteristics by use of screen plates with different perforations
Long service lives and low maintenance expenditures thanks to sturdy wear parts and hard-wearing materials
NEW: now available with energy-efficient drive technology
The HÄNDLE double-shaft screen mixer series

HÄNDLE-built double-shaft screen mixers serve our customers as a highly efficient, multi-functional preparation system for mixing, moistening, steam-heating, kneading, homogenizing, shredding and separating. To make optimal use of all this material preparation capacity, HÄNDLE designed two new task-adapted types of double-shaft screen mixer, each of which comes in two different sizes: MDSG models with hydraulic screen shifting function for raw materials containing stones, wood, roots, grass, reed, plastic, etc., and the lower-priced MDG models with a stationary screen for raw materials containing little or no contamination. Both types, though, operate on the same principle. First, the various materials are mixed together in the open mixing trough (mixing zone) where water, steam and/or additives are blended in as necessary. Then, the batch enters the closed double cylinder with two intermeshing augers (pressure zone) for intensive kneading and homogenization. Finally, the screen holds back the extraneous material.

Drive technology is the key to greater energy efficiency
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