State-of-the-art and energy-efficient technology combines precision, flexibility and economy – HÄNDLE turntable press WEGA.

Defining characteristics
Fully automatic operation via PLC control system
High pressing force
New energy-efficient drive concept
Variable, product-related adjustable pressing curves for optimum results
Product-related motion sequences and positioning for bat placement and removal of shaped products
Optimum product-dependent stroke rate for high throughput
The HÄNDLE-WEGA turntable pressing system

Nowadays, market-appropriate roof-tile collections must include a diversity of standard and accessory tiles. The situation poses a major challenge to any and all producers, because the difficulty of keeping production processes eco-nomical increases with the number of design variants.
The WEGA pressing system optimally meets all such require-ments. Three different versions are available for covering any individual range of application (soft or stiff pressing with any customary type of mold material like plaster, metal or rubber).

Increased efficiency means sustainable cost reduction

The new generation of HÄNDLE WEGA turntable presses with energy-efficient drive concept. Learn more about HÄNDLE Green & Energy

LESS IS MORE - > 70% energy saving in the production of high-quality accessory roof tiles!

Our HÄNDLE accessory press WEGA achieves phenomenal results, in direct comparison to the previously installed hydraulic press of the older generation.
What initially sounds like a dubious, grandiose advertising promise fortunately corresponds to reality and can be proven by measurements.

However, the accessory press not only impresses with its new energy-efficient drive concept. It also significantly reduces the noise level and creates a more pleasant working atmosphere. The fully automatic mode of operation and the optimum product-dependent stroke height and stroke rate for high throughput are a matter of course.
The result is high efficiency and quality in the production of a wide variety of accessory tiles.

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