Service on a new level - Direct Help App

You have a problem or a malfunction with your machine?

Now, specific repairs and maintenance of HÄNDLE machines can be carried out digitally. By means of Assisted Reality (AR), an assistance solution in the form of an immediate help app. This means that machine operators and maintenance staff can in future be instructed remotely by our HANDLE service experts in Mühlacker and supported in the event of problems.

How does remote maintenance work?

During remote maintenance, the service expert is connected to the machine operator on site via an app. For this purpose, you will receive detailed operating instructions from us as well as telephone support during the initial setup and implementation.
Through the “ticket solution” within the app, the detailed and visualized solution (photos, screenshots, textual comments, etc.) of your individual problem is logged and available for you at any time.
Via video calls you can show us live the problem at your machine – what the operator sees, the expert will see. At best, problems and malfunctions can be checked and solved quickly and immediately.

What are the benefits of using the Service App?
Quick and uncomplicated visualization of your problem:
» Simply place a photo together with your request in our platform
Fast solution of your problem by a experienced HÄNDLE service employee
No travel costs for the HÄNDLE service technician
End device independent
» Simply work with your Smartphone, Tablet or PC

You would like to use the HÄNDLE Service App?

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Max Oehler
Sales Service
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