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Willi Bender

Longtime HÄNDLE employee Willi Bender died December 26, 2018, at the age of 83.

For 55 years, ever since he joined the company on January 1, 1963, Willi Bender was a faithful, extremely reliable HÄNDLE colleague – and we bow our heads in respect to his lifetime achievement.
Willi Bender was a driving force and a consummate role model for both our company and the entire brick and tile industry – we are all going to miss him dearly.

– Gerhard Fischer –

A next-generation maintenance system

The future lies in digitization
A next-generation maintenance system

Digitization is giving rise to rapid, radical change. Any company that fails to invest in digital technologies in good time will be in danger of missing the boat. HÄNDLE, though, being quick to recognize the potential of digitization, has a next-generation maintenance system in use.
The PM-MAINT service tool facilitates maintenance and planning, thus ensuring more efficient production processes as an important factor in securing long-term economic success.

Here at HÄNDLE, we asked ourselves the big question: What can be done to guarantee optimal maintenance? The answer: a proactive tool with which to monitor all preventive and corrective maintenance of HÄNDLE equipment while guaranteeing clear-cut spare parts management in all detail. With this tool, unscheduled outages and loss of production can be avoided. Maintenance-time expenditures can be minimized via targeted time and material management, and that, in turn, will cut labor costs.

The tool’s operation is individually configurable to meet each customer’s own requirements.
Take, for example, the visual implementation of an optical display for indicating degrees of wear according to the traffic-light principle. The thusly established status can be forwarded to a previously determined recipient by means of a simple text message.

*** The HÄNDLE Service Tool is currently under development and testing ***

Are you interested?
Your contact: Jürgen Mahler, J.Mahler@haendle.com

The impressive Nova III

Röben Polska Sp z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K. orders two Nova III roof tile presses with eccentric cam from HÄNDLE

Röben Polska Sp z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K. in Poland has put in an order for two of HÄNDLE‘s new, just recently introduced Nova III roof tile presses with eccentric cam.
“We were sure from the very start“, says Thomas Wagner, Manager Business Unit Machinery and Equipment, “that our Nova IIIs would immediately be a big hit on the market and set new standards for the production
of large-format roof tiles and tiles of complex geometry. Thanks to their innovative engineering, we have a quickly convincing set of arguments and will sure be able to satisfy all our
customers‘ future needs.“

Both Nova III 2.400 presses are scheduled for delivery in January, and their commissioning is set for March 2019.

ceramitec 2018

From April 10 through 13, HÄNDLE and the partners ZMB BRAUN, KAMPEN, STEELE and DIREXA will be presenting innovative, state-of-the-art technical solutions for the heavy clay industry at ceramitec 2018.

Gerhard Fischer, Managing Director of HÄNDLE and ZMB BRAUN, emphasizes the importance of participating in this leading trade fair, “We are looking joyously forward to seeing our customers again and meeting all new interested parties. ceramitec, as a global meeting place for the ceramic industry, enables us to give our international customers a just-like-home welcome”.

At ceramitec 2018, HÄNDLE can be found in Hall B5, Stand 301/402.

Product news NOVA III

New roof tile press Nova III – engineered for the future

With a Nova III, it has now become possible to press thinner bodies with a lower shaping moisture content. Stiffer pressing, in turn, facilitates the drying of wares with less energy consumption. Nova III can handle 40 % higher shear force than existing types of construction!

Exclusive product presentation Nova III

The Nova III roof tile press with eccentric cam sets new standards for the production of sophisticated large-area tiles

HÄNDLE presented their latest technical development to a select circle of customers this last November.
According to Managing Director Gerhard Fischer, Nova III not only marks the beginning of a new era for 400-ton presses, it also sets new standards for the economical, flexible production of standard and large-format roof tiles, tiles of complex geometry and thin-walled products.

Personalia Timo Mader

Since the 1 April, Timo Mader (37) has been fortifying the top echelon at ZMB Braun GmbH as its new managing director

Together with Gerhard Fischer, CEO at HÄNDLE and ZMB Braun, he intends to advance and enhance the company’s Friedrichshafen works.

Company Profile Argentina

In 2017, HÄNDLE received a number of major orders from brickworks in Argentina, hence considerably enhancing its market presence in South America

In recent months, HÄNDLE GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau has received a number of major commissions for brickyards in Argentina, hence significantly strengthening their market presence in South America. Already in 2015, Händle equipped the well-known brick and tile producer Loimar S.A. in Tandil with a set of machines for modernizing its preparation plant.

Company Profile North Africa

More than 250 HÄNDLE built machines are presently operating reliably in North Africa

More than 250 HÄNDLE built machines are presently operating reliably in North Africa. About 30 of them are in Morocco and Tunisia, and the other 220 in Algeria. Some are in use as individual machines, and some are part of a complete processing plant.

Company Profile Value-adding benefits

HÄNDLE and ZMB BRAUN – Strong partner for the global ceramic industry since 1870

HÄNDLE counts among the world’s most innovative producers for the entire spectrum of preparation and shaping in the heavy clay industry. With a history extending back more than 145 years, this traditionsteeped
company has always been a reliable partner to the brick and tile industry.