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Give your machines a second chance!

By reconditioning / retrofitting we can bring machines, that have been in use for years, back to an amazing level of performance.

From partial inspection to general overhaul our experienced team of experts always finds the right solution. With over 6,500 different spare and wear parts in our stock, we ensure long-standing spare parts availability for you.

Becoming a climate pioneer #2 with the HÄNDLE Innovation Pilot Plant

A perfect symphony of sustainable innovation and efficient performance.

The implementation of our mobile plant IP² is in full swing.
The perfect interaction of all “instruments” is as important for manufacturing processes as it is for a symphony orchestra. Like a skilled conductor, we keep an eye on the entire process, shaping its composition and tempo with state-of-the-art machine technology. We change its configuration and instrumentation for a symphony of sustainable innovation and efficient performance.
Extrusion technology for pelletizing biochar is in the spotlight for the first use of our modular pilot plant (it plays the first solo, so to speak).
What can we play for you?

Welcome to ECTS Virtual Ceramic Technology Exhibition

Visit us from June 22nd to 24th 2021 at the ECTS Virtual Ceramic Technology Exhibition.
We will be presenting our latest machine technology at our booth exclusively in the online stream, as well as field-proven products, of course.
Register now! We are looking forward to your visit!

Becoming a climate pioneer #1 with the HÄNDLE Innovation Pilot Plant

At HÄNDLE it’s not just the clay that makes the music

Precisely played notes determine the quality of a symphony orchestra’s performance.
Precise raw material and extrusion tests create the prerequisite for the targeted realisation of future-oriented production plants as well as high-quality and sustainable end products.
So that the music can play where you want to hear it in the future, we are starting this month with the dismantling and modernisation of our pilot plant machines into a mobile and modular preparation and shaping plant – the HÄNDLE Innovation Pilot Plant (IP²).
This is because the various residual materials from the production processes must be recycled where they are produced and then made available again on site as high-quality raw materials. This has a positive effect on the CO2 footprint of our customers.
Be excited to find out which fascinating projects our innovative mobile test facility will be used for!

HÄNDLE installs and commissions the first Steele 45AEX Series Extruder in Europe

Global reach with local service

A project in the United Kingdom showcased the advantages of our global resources and how our on-site experts connect customers with the technology they need.
Our customer operates a specialty mineral clay processing plant and needed a higher throughput material shaping solution. After extensive material testing in the HÄNDLE application lab in Muehlacker (Germany) and the Steele test lab in Statesville, North Carolina (USA), our experts concluded that the best solution would be built around a mid-sized stiff extrusion system from Steele.
Steele shipped a 45AEX extruder for installation in early 2020. And then the global pandemic struck.

Learn more

HÄNDLE in Algeria still on the road to success

Our latest project is the delivery of a preparation and shaping line to El-Oued.

Since the end of the 40’s of the last century, machines from HÄNDLE can be found in Algeria.
In the meantime, more than 200 HÄNDLE machines are in operation in Algeria, either as single machines or as complete preparation or shaping plants.
Our latest project is the delivery of a preparation and shaping line to El-Oued. The excellent quality of the products as well as the reliability and outstanding after-sales service made Amouri Group, one of the leading manufacturers of masonry bricks in Algeria, to choose HÄNDLE again.

The preparation plant (consisting of: roller crusher, disintegrator, open mixer, 2 fine roller mills Beta) has been dimensioned for 1,600 t of fired products/day. The shaping line (consisting of: de-airing mixer, beta fine roller mill, de-airing extrusion unit), is initially designed for a daily capacity of 800 t of fired products/day in phase 1. The possibility of a future expansion of the production by a second shaping line with a total capacity of 1600 t fired products/day has already been foreseen in the planning.
The machines were shipped on time. Assembly and commissioning on site in Algeria will take place in the course of 2021.

Merry Christmas and a healthy reunion in 2021!

Every crisis contains an opportunity, it is said.

In 2020, we also used the opportunity to break new ground, question existing processes and rethink our portfolio.
2020 was an eventful and challenging year, no question about it: restricted travel options, limited contacts and activities, online meetings, remote services, home office and more have thrown our everyday working life and familiar processes into some confusion. Looking back, we can claim to have mastered this year’s challenges well – also and especially thanks to loyal customers like you!

We would like to thank you – for your trust and your openness to tread new paths with us. This is not self-evident and means a lot to us.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy reunion in 2021!

New company location of AUGUST KAMPEN GmbH

Our subsidiary AUGUST KAMPEN moved on 01.09.2020 within the city of Bad Salzuflen to the district Ehrsen.

AUGUST KAMPEN is a manufacturer of extrusion dies for facing bricks, backing bricks, special formats, roof tiles and carries out individual repairs of components.
With the new location the processes could be optimized and there is more space for production and sales. Thus, the current production area extends over 780 m², divided into the areas of sheet metal shop, core set construction and core production, as well as an office area of 80 m².

“The change of location benefits both our employees and our customers, as the transport connection to the B238 in Ehrsen is much more advantageous for us”, says AUGUST KAMPEN Managing Director Andreas Köhler. Besides Andreas Köhler, 7 employees in production and 2 employees in sales and administration are the team behind AUGUST KAMPEN. Within the HÄNDLE-BRAUN-KAMPEN Service Center North, Vanja Durakovic is in charge of the technical field service for our customers in Northern and Eastern Germany as well as in neighboring countries.

HÄNDLE extrusion technique for refractory materials – the extruder series EF

The HÄNDLE extruder series EF has been specially designed for applications in the refractory industry and represents a further development of the proven HÄNDLE FUTURA II combined de-airing extrusion units.

As different as the areas of application are, as individual and customer-specific is the design of the HÄNDLE extruder series-EF. By using the HÄNDLE box feeders, which were invented and patented by HÄNDLE in 1906 and have been continuously optimized since then, the applications can be usefully supplemented.
HÄNDLE masters the complete process and, if requested, offers everything from one source.

Save time and travel expenses!

The Corona crisis has hit many companies hard and represents a major challenge for our society and economy.

It has been shown that digitalization has helped in managing the crisis and made many things easier. More than ever, digitalization remains an important task for the future. HÄNDLE has also used the time to push ahead with its digital services for example with our Remote Support (Quick Support) – simple, fast and secure.

150 Years of HÄNDLE: From Workshop to Globally Accepted Partner

The trade Journal ceramic forum international spoke to Managing Director Gerhard Fischer (GF) about the company’s development in recent years and its strategic orientation for the future.

150 years in the service of its customers

Interview of the trade Journal Ziegelindustrie international on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of HÄNDLE with Gerhard Fischer, Managing Director; Dietmar Heintel, Head of Sales Service, and Hans-Jörg Walter, Head of Sales Machinery, on the history, present and future .

New managing director at ZMB BRAUN

Thomas Bauer strengthens the management team at the Friedrichshafen location.

As new managing director, Thomas Bauer has been managing ZMB BRAUN GmbH together with Gerhard Fischer since May 1, 2020. He succeeds Timo Mader, who has returned to the automotive industry after three years, to take on new challenges.

Thomas Bauer (46) is a graduate engineer with many years of experience in the extrusion industry.
His last position was as managing director of a medium-sized mechanical engineering company in Baden-Württemberg.

Thomas Bauer is looking forward to his new task and will continue to consolidate and expand the cooperative and reliable cooperation of his predecessor with all business partners. A central topic of his tasks at
ZMB BRAUN will be innovation partnerships for customers and research institutions. Integrated into the HÄNDLE organisation since 2014, ZMB BRAUN, together with the company AUGUST KAMPEN, is the leading partner for dies with a wide range of products and solutions for the ceramic industry.
“Under the management of Thomas Bauer, a proven and experienced expert, we will continue to develop our company technologically and economically in the interest of our customers,” says  Gerhard Fischer.

Since the takeover of the company by HÄNDLE, ZMB BRAUN has undergone forward-looking investment and restructuring measures. These included the implementation of a consistent ERP system and 2D/3D CAD system software, as well as the permanent and effective optimization of procedures and processes – especially in the areas of mechanical production, galvanics and assembly.

Thomas Bauer’s main focus of activity at ZMB BRAUN will be the development of market-driven and customer-specific problem solutions and the assurance and optimisation of high quality and delivery time requirements.

Changes in the management of the ZMB BRAUN GmbH

Mr. Timo Mader has left the company after 3 years on 31.03.2020 and is moving back to the automotive industry to face new challenges.

We would like to thank Mr. Mader for his dedicated commitment and the valuable work he has done for the company over the past years and wish him success and all the best for the future.

Since the takeover of the company by HÄNDLE GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau in Mühlacker, ZMB BRAUN has passed through forward-looking investment and restructuring measures. Together with Managing Director Gerhard Fischer, Timo Mader made a significant contribution to the further development of the
location in Friedrichshafen. This included the permanent and effective optimization of workflows and processes – especially in the areas of mechanical production, galvanics and assembly.

In addition, all IT areas have been upgraded to the latest standards in recent years and major investments have been made in a new ERP and CAD system. The last investment was made in 2019 in a state-of-the-art CNC machining centre. With ZMB BRAUN you now have a partner at your side who is technically and economically well prepared for the future. The fact that you as a customer appreciate these investments is shown, among other things, by your feedback to the “Zi” customer survey, with the result that ZMB BRAUN was able to win second place in the “Zi Best Service Supplier Awards 2019”. Many thanks for this appreciation.

Until we are able to introduce the new managing director for ZMB BRAUN, presumably by 01.05.2020,
Mr. Gerhard Fischer will be at your full disposal for all your concerns at any time.

Special times require special actions

We at HÄNDLE take the current situation and development caused by the continuing spread of the coronavirus very seriously.

We will take all necessary steps to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, business partners and others in this critical situation.
For this reason, travel by our employees to risk areas will be stopped until further notice. In individual cases, we will review appointments where the personal presence of our employees is necessary together with you and keep them to a minimum.
As part of an international group of companies, our working methods in various areas are not tied to a fixed workplace, so some appointments can be made by telephone, video or online.

Both at our location in Mühlacker and worldwide, it is now necessary to strategically and administratively absorb the current situation as well as to prepare the coming days, weeks and months.

Please contact your customary contact person at HÄNDLE at any time for all queries.

We will keep you informed of any further measures that may be necessary.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay in touch!

– Gerhard Fischer –

HÄNDLE strengthens its activities in in-house production

HÄNDLE strengthens its activities in in-house production and put new 5-axis CNC machining centre into operation at Muehlacker

The new 5-axis CNC machining centre is designed for 5-sided, long bed machining (6 m) of cubic machine parts and spare parts. It convinces by its high accuracy and therefore precise quality, as well as by optimal economy and flexibility.

Due to setup parallel to machining time (during machining in one working area, the other can already be set up), there are almost no downtimes.

The tool magazine contains 60 tools for turning/drilling/milling.
The tool change time is approx. 7 seconds, the magazine can also be loaded during machining.

The machining centre has a total weight of 45 tons.
Programming is carried out exclusively with the latest CAD-CAM software.
2 HÄNDLE employees work in multiple shifts on the machine.

Willi Bender

Longtime HÄNDLE employee Willi Bender died December 26, 2018, at the age of 83.

For 55 years, ever since he joined the company on January 1, 1963, Willi Bender was a faithful, extremely reliable HÄNDLE colleague – and we bow our heads in respect to his lifetime achievement.
Willi Bender was a driving force and a consummate role model for both our company and the entire brick and tile industry – we are all going to miss him dearly.

– Gerhard Fischer –

A next-generation maintenance system

The future lies in digitization
A next-generation maintenance system

Digitization is giving rise to rapid, radical change. Any company that fails to invest in digital technologies in good time will be in danger of missing the boat. HÄNDLE, though, being quick to recognize the potential of digitization, has a next-generation maintenance system in use.
The PM-MAINT service tool facilitates maintenance and planning, thus ensuring more efficient production processes as an important factor in securing long-term economic success.

Here at HÄNDLE, we asked ourselves the big question: What can be done to guarantee optimal maintenance? The answer: a proactive tool with which to monitor all preventive and corrective maintenance of HÄNDLE equipment while guaranteeing clear-cut spare parts management in all detail. With this tool, unscheduled outages and loss of production can be avoided. Maintenance-time expenditures can be minimized via targeted time and material management, and that, in turn, will cut labor costs.

The tool’s operation is individually configurable to meet each customer’s own requirements.
Take, for example, the visual implementation of an optical display for indicating degrees of wear according to the traffic-light principle. The thusly established status can be forwarded to a previously determined recipient by means of a simple text message.

*** The HÄNDLE Service Tool is currently under development and testing ***

Are you interested?
Your contact: Jürgen Mahler, J.Mahler@haendle.com

The impressive Nova III

Röben Polska Sp z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K. orders two Nova III roof tile presses with eccentric cam from HÄNDLE

Röben Polska Sp z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K. in Poland has put in an order for two of HÄNDLE‘s new, just recently introduced Nova III roof tile presses with eccentric cam.
Within the scope of wet and dry-side modernization at Sroda Slaska Plant II, that pair of far more effective four-field Nova III presses by HÄNDLE are set to replace the plant‘s three existing three-field presses. Decreasing the number of installed machines will greatly reduce the maintenance effort and attendant costs. “We were sure from the very start“, says Thomas Wagner, Manager Business Unit Machinery and Equipment, “that our Nova IIIs would immediately be a big hit on the market and set new standards for the production
of large-format roof tiles and tiles of complex geometry. Thanks to their innovative engineering, we have a quickly convincing set of arguments and will sure be able to satisfy all our
customers‘ future needs.“

Both Nova III 2.400 presses are scheduled for delivery in January, and their commissioning is set for March 2019.

ceramitec 2018

From April 10 through 13, HÄNDLE and the partners ZMB BRAUN, KAMPEN, STEELE and DIREXA will be presenting innovative, state-of-the-art technical solutions for the heavy clay industry at ceramitec 2018.

Gerhard Fischer, Managing Director of HÄNDLE and ZMB BRAUN, emphasizes the importance of participating in this leading trade fair, “We are looking joyously forward to seeing our customers again and meeting all new interested parties. ceramitec, as a global meeting place for the ceramic industry, enables us to give our international customers a just-like-home welcome”.

At ceramitec 2018, HÄNDLE can be found in Hall B5, Stand 301/402.

Product news NOVA III

New roof tile press Nova III – engineered for the future

With a Nova III, it has now become possible to press thinner bodies with a lower shaping moisture content. Stiffer pressing, in turn, facilitates the drying of wares with less energy consumption. Nova III can handle 40 % higher shear force than existing types of construction!

Exclusive product presentation Nova III

The Nova III roof tile press with eccentric cam sets new standards for the production of sophisticated large-area tiles

HÄNDLE presented their latest technical development to a select circle of customers this last November.
According to Managing Director Gerhard Fischer, Nova III not only marks the beginning of a new era for 400-ton presses, it also sets new standards for the economical, flexible production of standard and large-format roof tiles, tiles of complex geometry and thin-walled products.

Personalia Timo Mader

Since the 1 April, Timo Mader (37) has been fortifying the top echelon at ZMB Braun GmbH as its new managing director

Together with Gerhard Fischer, CEO at HÄNDLE and ZMB Braun, he intends to advance and enhance the company’s Friedrichshafen works.

Company Profile Argentina

In 2017, HÄNDLE received a number of major orders from brickworks in Argentina, hence considerably enhancing its market presence in South America

In recent months, HÄNDLE GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau has received a number of major commissions for brickyards in Argentina, hence significantly strengthening their market presence in South America. Already in 2015, Händle equipped the well-known brick and tile producer Loimar S.A. in Tandil with a set of machines for modernizing its preparation plant.

Company Profile North Africa

More than 250 HÄNDLE built machines are presently operating reliably in North Africa

More than 250 HÄNDLE built machines are presently operating reliably in North Africa. About 30 of them are in Morocco and Tunisia, and the other 220 in Algeria. Some are in use as individual machines, and some are part of a complete processing plant.

Company Profile Value-adding benefits

HÄNDLE and ZMB BRAUN – Strong partner for the global ceramic industry since 1870

HÄNDLE counts among the world’s most innovative producers for the entire spectrum of preparation and shaping in the heavy clay industry. With a history extending back more than 145 years, this traditionsteeped
company has always been a reliable partner to the brick and tile industry.

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